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Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to form objects
systems organizations, and comes from Latin

Civil work and Service

We have a long experience in all sorts of heavy civil works with highly satisfied clients as shown on our sample list (the list too long for this profile, thus it is limited only to recent work). We can undertake a complete turnaround package and project management of any civil project regardless of any size and complexity. Our civil service includes but not limited to the following:
➢ Earth work.
➢ Tanks foundations
➢ Manifold pads
➢ Associated water separation and treatment systems
➢ Dikes, bundwalls, and embankments
➢ Pipe racks and steel structures
➢ Major infrastructure projects such dams, roadways, bridges, and more
➢ Security infrastructure such as Fencing and guard towers installations.
➢ Variety of concrete and steel Buildings
including pre-engineered and prefabricated buildings
➢ Camps and accommodations with full infrastructure and life support system.
➢ Waterways system design and installation.
➢ Sewer system design and installation.
➢ Irrigation system design and installation.
➢ Pavement for roads and walkways.
➢ Piles foundation supply and installations.
➢ Warehouse and cover storage Constructions.
➢ Supply and delivery of variety of construction materials including pre-fabricated steel and dray and wet concrete mix

Mechanical work and Service

We have long experience in all sorts of mechanical works with highly satisfied clients as shown on our sample list (the list too long for this profile, thus it is limited only to recent work). We can undertake a complete turnaround package and project management of any mechanical project regardless of any size and complexity. Our mechanical services include but not limited to the following: ➢ Specialize piping Welding, Fabrication, and complete installation works
➢ Tensioning and Torqueing
➢ Industrial Coatings
➢ Structural Fabrication
➢ Insolation Lagging and Cladding
➢ Scaffolding
➢ Material Supply Services
➢ Mechanical Works for Irrigation System
➢ Automated Dam Gates
➢ Mechanical System Control and Instrumentation
➢ Mechanical Fabrication Services
➢ Mechanical Systems Maintenance
➢ Platforms, Handrails and Ladders Fabrication and Painting
➢ Pumps Supplies and Installations
➢ Pressure Vessel Tank Welding

Torqueing and Tensioning of vesels and equipment flanges

• Hydraulic Torque wrenches.
• Stud removal service.
• All stud sizes.
• Heavy hex sizes.
• Socket and low clearance link.
• Tensioning Tools.
• Nut Splitting and metal disintegration

Industrial coatings

• High Performance Coating Systems.
• Dry and Wet Abrasive blasting techniques.
• High and Ultra High Pressure water cleaning/surface preparation and materials removal.
• Environmental friendly blasting/coatings removal and painting solutions.
• Specialized coating systems and surface preparation techniques

Workshops, Vendors, and Subcontractors

AAE has an extensive network of reliable vendors, suppliers, partners, and subcontractors. We have alliance with several local and international companies such as; Mina oil and gas, Arches Energy, Sunline oil services, Antemina, Aljazeera, SilkRoad and more. AAE and its partners have a state of the art fabrication shops equipped with high tech machines with highly trained technicians and craftsmen. Workshops are placed in different locations where we can be of quick reach to any client in the southern region. Agreements were also made mutually with partners to utilize theirs as they can utilize ours. Our partners, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers are continuously evaluating and enhancing their products range, to ensure that market-driven solutions to problems are continually developed to exceed the everincreasing industry demands. AAE is very capable in providing and operating mechanical equipment needed to accomplish the work and to fabricate whatever required in the field or at the shop in addition to providing industrial protective coatings and repair composites with proven products that rebuild, repair, and maintain machinery, equipment and structures

Material Supply Services

Ethics, integrity and fairness are the key business essentials applied by AAE. Without them, the Company does not have a business it can be proud of. From work orders to bill of materials, from supplier selection to logistics, from collection of materials to warehousing, these are just some of the procurement processes that keep activities aligned with the overall project schedules. Activities are integrated via the Company ERP System - SAP. AAE experienced personnel ensure on-time supply of equipment and materials to site. Huge data bank of vendors and suppliers across the globe enables AAE to execute projects world-wide despite difficult terrains and challenging timelines for completion. Strategic alliances and long term vendor relationships Integrated logistics systems accelerate shipments and handling Strict vendor qualification procedures ERP systems tracking from Bill of Materials generation to final delivery at site Systems and procedures to ensure compliance with Quality and Safety Standards One of the most important factors of AAE core values is its commitment to fair and ethical behaviour in the conduct of our business, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We can supply the following material in any size and quantity. • Carbon steel SAW pipes
• Carbon steel seamless Pipes & tubes
• High Nickel Alloys
• Pipe Fittings
• Flanges
• Stainless Steel
Pipes & Tubes
• Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes

Operation and Maintenance Specialized Services

➢ Project Management
➢ Planning of Shutdown Activities
➢ Fabrication/Construction/Piping
➢ Hydro jetting and cleaning of pipes vessels & Tanks
➢ Mechanical works and Preparation
➢ Catalyst Handling Services
➢ Chemical Cleaning and Preservation
➢ Painting and Grit Blasting
➢ Scaffolding and Insulation
➢ Refractory and Cladding
➢ Pressure and Leak Testing
➢ Inspection and NDT Testing
➢ Nitrogen Purging and Initiation
➢ Tank and Vessel Cleaning
➢ Mechanical associated Civil Works
➢ Bolt Tension &Torque
➢ Chimney and Flare Works
➢ Rotating Equipment Maintenance
➢ Cold Cutting of Pipelines & Vessels
➢ Hot Tapping Services
➢ The Aqua-Milling Process
➢ Chemical Cleaning & Preservation, Decontamination
➢ Industrial Cleaning
➢ Automated Tank Cleaning
➢ Scraper Cleaning