Water Treatment Plant Zubair Basra, Thickener Tank

Water Treatment Plant – Zubair Oil Field, Basrah. Construction and procurement of
Concrete Tanks and Building,
Thickener Circular Concrete Tanks, Ulta-Filtration Tank, Clarifier Tank,
Stabilization Tank, Grit Removal Tank,
Chemical Building, Nano-Filtration
Building, drum screen, sludge building,
MCC Building, and Substation. More than
8,500 cubic meter of reinforced concrete
with over 2,500 tons of steel rebar.

Project Details

  • Location : Basra
  • Budgets : 17,592,000 USD
  • Complete Date : 10/31/2022
  • Client Name : Basra Oil Company (BOC)
  • Duration : 18 months
  • Contact person (reference) : Engineer Abbas, 7704133652