Local Community and Socio-Economic Philosophy

AAE places great emphases on the development of local economy and mutual respect with local population wherever it works. We have very close relationships with all local tribes all over the southern provinces where we can be at your disposal for any potential socio-economics issues in addition to our knowledge of the government of Iraq and local government rules and regulations with almost every project we have executed. We have to be of benefit to local communities where we normally forge agreement with local tribes in the work area and propose the following to them:
1-Approach the community for listing adequate number of young men on our workforce
2- Conduct a skill analysis for the recruit
3- Provide craftsmen training with pay
4- Employ everyone according to their education and skill set
5- We also strive to utilize each resource from the area in terms for providing Materials, services, subcontractors, life support, food, security, supplies, and any rental equipment and vehicles for transportation
6- This approach and philosophy was key to our success where we were able to maintain a ZERO problem with local communities and developed great positive reputation

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