Ethics, &

Introduction Letter

AAE is a well-known and reputable Civil and Mechanical services company, wholly owned and operated in provinces of Basra, Nasiriyah, and Muthanna. Through its experienced staff, reliable subcontractors and vendors, AAE is in an enviable position of offering variety of high quality civil and Mechanical work and services. Our management team includes individuals with more than 28 years’
experience working at the most senior levels
in Iraq, and International oil and gas markets.
Our relationship with local communities
allows us to operate with confidence and
trouble-free environment with mutual
respect and benefits. Our financial resources
and cash reserves are more than adequate to
support our business growth goals and
objectives. AAE Company equipped to
provide all sort of civil and mechanical
maintenance services. We aim that our
reputation leads others toward us. AAE takes
pride in its work, aiming at an on time and on
budget delivery through its internationally
experienced management, local knowledge,
resource, highly skilled Engineers,
technicians, workforce, subcontractors,
vendors, and associates. AAE mission is to
identify and satisfy the customers’ needs; and
be cognizant of their expectation of prompt
and reliable personal service.

Integrity and Ethics

AAE has an integrated ethics and general integrity and practices. Please see our integrity and ethics manual

Management Systems

AAE has an Integrated Management System (IMS) in relation
to Safety, Quality, Community, and the Environment.

Safety Management

As and OSHA certified company AAE and all its employees and
subcontractors adhere to OSHA standards and all Safety
Policy in line with the Occupational Health and Safety
regulations. Our Safety Policy Statement describes our
commitment to upholding safe working practice. Please see
our SHE manual

Quality Management

As an ISO certified company, prior to commencing any works,
a project specific Quality Management Plan according ISO
standard can be developed to incorporate task specific
Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) and any necessary inspection
checklists. These documents along with all other material
certification and quality assurance items will be compiled to
be delivered on completion of works. Please see our QA/QC

Our Vision and Values

Our Purpose

To provide safe and
maintenance and
industrial service
solutions to industry
keeping in mind the
standards kept in place
by the Local
authorities, the safety
of the employees as
well as the local
community as a

Our Community and the environment.

We emphasis and make sure our
work conditions and materials
used does not affect the
environment in any way and the
future generation benefits from it .
We also make sure that the
community we work with is
priority number one in benefiting
form out work and Indigenous
history, art and culture is
followed maintained be it at the
work site or the surrounding .

Health and Safety

we are fully committed to the
health and safety of our
employees and clients site
specific procedures to comply
with all applicable Legislation,
Standards and codes.
To achieve our objective of ZERO
incidents and injuries.

Our Values

We Value Skills and knowledge
from various backgrounds and
make sure that within all
sectors of the organization
uniformity is maintained

Our Vision

To be client
preference in
performing all the
industrial, Technical
support and
maintenance activities
by providing integrated
solutions and services