Our Organization

AAE company structure is formed as displayed on the org chart. Managing director is responsible for all company activities where project management team, senior level project managers, QA/QC manager, SHE manager, project control manager, logistics manager, and construction managers’ report directly to the managing director. For site works, Project engineer, QA/QC personnel, SHE officers, foremen, technicians, and other labor workmen to perform this job all report directly to the project manager who reports directly to the managing director. We plan our work and execute our plans as this is vital for concurrent activities in multiple locations to expedite project delivery and to meet client’s desired schedule.

1-Each team member/worker shall report to the project director who manages all function and have an executive level decision making power.

2-Structural reporting shall be per function to the site engineer locally and to function’s manager centrally.

3-There shall be staging area to make an efficient supply chain that feed the entire project.

4-Procurement shall be central in purchasing but localized in warehousing and staging areas to feed site personnel with their immediate needs.

5-Engineering shall be central and report to the project director

6-SHE and QA/QC shall be localized to site specific conditions with central supervision of assurance function

7-Project control shall be central and report to the project director directly